• Basic symbolism

    Interpreting the Tarot takes a combination of personal experience, building knowledge, and intuition that anyone can develop.

    All of my explanations are based on logic and simplicity. My Tarot interpretations are from my intuition and my own life experiences with the original interpretations of the cards.

    Tarot cards offer us a key to understanding who we are and why we are here (our life purpose). It is a bit like a miniature horoscope that provides insight into the vast abundance and ahead of us in life. Each tarot card has a response in astrology. Therefore, it is a good thing to know a bit about the zodiac and zodiac signs. It will help broaden your understanding of how people act and react and how circumstances unfold the way they do.

    Interpreting a Tarot is like driving a car. If you see others doing it, and it looks pretty easy, you want to try it yourself. You finally get your license and learn that even licensed drivers stumble across problems while driving along; new roads, new road signs, new cultures, and new motorists who do not always do what is expected. Your license proves that you have basic knowledge; it counts a lot if you use your common sense and don’t drive like a mad person.

    I see Tarot-predictions as route- descriptions. For example, your map says that you should stay on the highway until you reach your destination. However, along with your path, you are constantly finding reasons to stop or turn off the highway; coffee or bathroom breaks, shortcuts, or retail stores with attractive deals that distract you from your original intention of driving straight to your destination. Sometimes the distractions make you completely lose your way or lose track of time, but you still have your map, and you will always find your way back to the highway and be able to resume your journey.

    The fantastic thing about the Tarot is that it can accompany and find context or an overall picture of any doctrine, religion, or culture.

    Tarot interpretation is not just a matter of sitting down and reading people their fortunes. It is a way for people to seek personal development and works in everyday life. It is a means for us to use our intuition. It is a psychic tool in the same way that a rolling pin is a tool for a pastry maker. It is possible to make pastry without a rolling pin, but it allows pastry makers to add opportunities.

    Tarot is knowledge about life - a key to understanding life – Tarot is ancient knowledge.

    In ancient times the knowledge was only granted to the wise men and women who worked with spiritual wisdom, and it was not printed on cards as it is today.

    The introduction of paper advanced humanity. Cards are easy to handle, and most people enjoy pictures and symbols as they speak to us in a language that is easy to understand.

    I believe that the Tarot deck came about when they inscribed their sacred symbols/images (astrological interpretations) to cards.

    I imagine that card Nr. 10, the Wheel of Fortune in the Major Arcana, was perhaps introduced as a simple circle. Later on, an artist drew flowers around the circle, and later on, other artists embellished the tarot cards to their liking.

    Today, there are thousands of tarot decks on the market. Each deck contains the same symbolic values, but they are created by different artists who have their own life experiences.

    Tarot is used in many different ways, and no one can say which one is correct because the origination of the Tarot is still a matter of debate.

    Numerology plays a significant role in Tarot; you can learn a lot during a tarot reading by using the knowledge of each number.  I will show you how to interpret the numbers and how I use them in the Tarot. The more you understand the numbers, the more you will pursue growth in every endeavor.

    The numbers in the different aspects show each card’s interpretation but always allow for your ideas and interpretation. Also, enable the chance that your interpretation of a card may vary, depending on which Tarot deck you are using, because they can differ in their symbolism even if they have the same fundamental principle.

    Look at your cards one number at a time, aces, twos, threes, etc.; as you write down what you perceive each card to mean, consider the number related to them.

    The following passage will show examples of adding the numbers to get even more information and “keys” that will explain the dominant energy. In that, you should connect each number of a card with its element.

    Wands – Fire – action (work)
    Cups – Water – Emotions (love)
    Pentacles – Earth – Materials/development (finance)
    Swords – Air – Thoughts (health)

    The keywords for each number are:

    Ace (1) = New start
    2 = Balance
    3 = Impulse
    4 = Stability
    5 = Stress
    6 = Enjoyment
    7 = Will
    8 = Mirroring/Karma
    9 = Insights
    !0 = Fulfillment

    If you get 3 of Pentacles= Impulse of development.
    5 of Wands – Stress of action.
    2 of Swords – Balance in thoughts.

    You can also get a court card:
    Page = Message
    Knight= Action
    Queen= Communication
    King = Deals.

  • t a r o t

    Some people say that each letter stands for a substance; salt, sulfur, mercury, and water originates from the Hebrew word IHVH (Jehovah). Some say that Taro is the original title and that the letter T was added later to close the circle (O).

    In reverse, Taro becomes Rota, the Latin word for a wheel, which is derived from the Indo-Iranian- word Ratha (spoked-wheel).

    There is also an Egyptian variation of the meaning of the word Tarot where “Tar” stands for road or path and where “Ro” means royal, i.e., The Royal Road or the High Road.

    One can also look at the letters through numerology 

    T = 2, A = 1, R = 9 and O = 6 = 18

    18 = 1 + 8 = 9

    Nine, the perfect number for traveling the whole way to your destination.

    There is also another T at the end:

    T = 2
    9 + 2 = 11

    Eleven is a Master number and a Spiritual number full of high energy.