• Cups

    Cups symbolize your daily emotions, love, and joy—hope and faith, but also disappointments. In the Cups, there is also harmony and togetherness, humble feelings as well as jealousy. The flow of emotions is both bad and good. It's all that you experience inside of you. You want feelings to develop, become a togetherness, and flow to a harmonious situation. All of these energies go under the name - LOVE, that's the Cup's characteristics.

    If you draw a card of the Cups, then it will show emotions and love. If the card is reversed, it's imbalanced; look then at the card before, in the same suit, that is what's being done and are keys to this reversed energy.

  • Ace to five of Cups

    acecups.jpgAce of Cups - Love

    Indicate in a new period of positive emotions, maybe even a new love—a newborn or something that affects you strongly.

    Indicate that you lose something emotionally; you can feel alone and unhappy.

    2cups.jpg2 of Cups - Togetherness

    Indicate a new beginning of a relation. Harmony and joy. Togetherness.

    Indicate that a relation can be in trouble or a break-up. Fights and misunderstandings.


    3cups.jpg3 of Cups - Love Crush

    Indicate in a happy celebration or immense happiness and joy together. Crush.

    Indicate that you have difficulties in controlling your emotions, disappointments.


    4cups.jpg4 of Cups - Awaiting

    Indicate that you can be lazy and not take profound feelings or are experiencing insecureness from a state of mind.

    Indicate that you feel sorry for yourself and have problems showing feelings.

    5cups.jpg5 of Cups - Loneliness

    Indicate that you feel lonely and abounded, disappointed, or having a hard time choosing between two persons, are alone and lost with yourself.

    Indicate in troubles from an unexpected distance; you don't have the urge to get involved with somebody else, not even with yourself.

  • Six to ten of Cups

    6cups.jpg6 of Cups - Happiness

    Indicate that you're in harmony, experience happiness together with others, probably family and old friends.

    Indicate that you have conflicts with yourself. And you are probably affected by your childhood.

    7cups.jpg7 of Cups - Distrust

    Indicate an emotional choice that is important. Something or someone needs to be left away.

    indicate that you have a fear of moving on, feeling lost.

    8cups.jpg8 of Cups - Confirmation

    Indicate a turning point emotionally. It would help if you had more and sought more, and you may get it, but not in the way you wished for it to be.

    indicate that you're afraid of being left alone, hide your feelings, turn others out of your life.

    9cups.jpg9 of Cups - Trust

    Indicate that you're safe with yourself and love yourself for who you are. You experience inner joy.

    indicate that you fool yourself and maybe even others emotionally.

    10cups.jpg10 of Cups - Pleasing

    Indicate of happy family life, great love and happiness, and healthy togetherness.

    indicate on a fuss with your nearest or in the family; you can feel stuck.

  • Page to King of Cups

    pagecups.jpgPage of Cups - Joy

    Indicate on happy events; you get a lot with love and consideration.

    Indicate that you experience something that makes you sad emotional; you don't dare to have trust.

    knightcups.jpgKnight of Cups - Flirtation

    Indicate on loving proposals and events - passion.

    Indicate that somebody hurt you emotionally or that you will be deceived to fool yourself when it comes to an emotional experience.

    queencups.jpgQueen of Cups - Lust

    Indicate in consideration dreams and a strong desire to belong.

    Indicate false affection, betrayal, and discontent.

    kingcups.jpgKing of Cups - Sociable

    Indicate in a safe and sound community joy, harmony, and happiness.

    Indicate in a relationship that's not safe and is false that may be run by routine.