• Pentacles

    Pentacles symbolize material, security, finance, education, and the balance between inner and outer elements. In the Pentacles are the balance of the wholeness and the rootedness and growing. Here is the economic standard and expands, which control your ground and safety.  There are stability and an increase in these cards. You want allotment on what you invested. To have more to make more. All these energies are under the name of FINANCE that is the Pentacles keyword.

    If you draw a card from the Pentacles, it shows that it is about growth. If you draw the card reversed, then it's an imbalance. Look then at the card before in the suit; if it's 3 of Pentacles reversed, look what cleared in 2 of Pentacles and why you're in the middle of them.

  • Ace to five of Pentacles

    acecoins.jpgAce of Pentacles: Ground

    Indicates a new, more stable ground and better finances.

    Indicates a loss of safeness or something financially.

    2coins.jpg2 of Pentacles: Balance

    Indicates a better balance of your security and more balanced values with what you got. You seek balance depending on insecureness.

    It indicates that you lose something, and maybe your debts will be more significant than expected or unexpected.

    3coins.jpg3 of Pentacles: News

    This indicates that new things will reside, probably a winning or minor education.

    It indicates that you will lose the expected, maybe lose, and advantage.

    4coins.jpg4 of Pentacles: Order

    It indicates its stability in materials, structure, safety, and limits created in fear of losing something.

    Indicates difficulties to get balance and control at home or on the material.

    5coins.jpg5 of Pentacles: Poverty

    Indicates problems to keep material things and loss of money or position—savings from limited resources.

    Indicates relief in material and finances.


  • Six to 10 of Pentacles

    6coins.jpg6 of Pentacles - Education

    Indicates on journeys for educations, financial reside and increased flexibility that gives new possibilities.

    This indicates that you have difficulties in taking responsibility får your finances.

    7coins.jpg7 of Pentacles - Planning

    This indicates that you stand in front of choices of finances. Making plans for investments.

    This indicates that you have problems with investments and even creating a structure in your life.

    8coins.jpg8 of Pentacles - Interest

    This indicates that you use your skills and have outstanding talents in what you wish to fulfill.  You can also be in new areas of education.

    This indicates that you have difficulties making plans in the right direction.

    9coins.jpg9 of Pentacles - Gifts

    Indicates on gifts, happy surprises, and unexpected money.

    Indicates for undeserved money, theft, and that money that can be delayed.

    10coins.jpg10 of Pentacles - Security

    This indicates that you have security in material and money, a more safe position.

    Indicates on greed even if richness exists—money issue with family.


  • Page to King of Pentacles

    pagecoins.jpgPage of Pentacles: Contribution

    Indicates messages that money is on its way or a new structure that you can increase.

    Indicates on disadvantage in messages about money.

    knightcoins.jpgKnight of Pentacles: Supervene

    It indicates that a deal is about finances. The money will come, more than expected.

    This indicates that expected money will fail to come—problems with structure and planning.

    queencoins.jpgQueen of Pentacles: Serenity

    Indicates a healthy community, order, and clarity. Promises will fulfill.

    It indicates that you don't have any order; the chaos creates and creates more worries.

    kingcoins.jpgKing of Pentacles: Decision

    It indicates an increase in richness, more security, and more harmony with what is.

    Indicates less authority in something planned and that you lose control of earlier plans.