• Soul and personality

    The Major Arcana cards offer you insight into your soul- and personality traits in this lifetime. The answer is usually given in one or two cards that show both your personality and what you are here to learn or develop during this incarnation. Add (+) together your year of birth + month + date of birth.

    1959 December 19th.
    1959 + 12 + 19 = 1990 = (1 + 9 + 9 + 0) = 19 = (1 + 9) = 10 = (1 + 0) = 1
    Your soul and personality cards in this instance are:

    Number 19 The Sun.
    Number 10 The Wheel of Fortune (1 + 9/ Sun).
    Number 1 The Magician.

    This example allows for three cards. Usually, it is only one or two cards.

    1966 + 02 + 24 = 1982 = (1 + 9 + 8 + 2) = 20 = (2 + 0) = 2
    In this example your cards will be:

    Number 20 Judgement.
    Number 2 The High Priestess.

    1958 + 10 + 31 = 1999 = (1 + 9 + 9 + 9) = 28 = (2 + 8) = 10 = (1 + 0 ) = 1
    In this example your cards will be:

    Number 10 The Wheel of Fortune
    Number 1 The Magician

    The following text describes your soul and personality traits/ life lessons.

    0/22 – The Fool
    You are a primarily happy and spontaneous person who does not always think before you act. You go for it and experiment. While you sometimes have difficulty leaving behind well-known, customary, and safe things, you constantly cast away all self-restraint and throw yourself into crazy adventures without thinking about the consequences for yourself or your environment. You have an odd sense of humor and are always joking around, and you sometimes wonder why people have a hard time understanding you. There is a childlike sense of innocence and trust in you. You expect the best of everyone and can exhaust yourself trying to do things for other people.

    1 – The Magician
    You are a person with a large capacity. You do not give up easily and always find ways to get ahead and achieve more. You are generous toward others, and you quite often know what other people need even before they know it themselves. In most situations, you are level-headed and very well aware, but sometimes you can be in a bit of a hurry to forge ahead with new projects. You are confident and probably a true optimist. You think a lot and create more in your thoughts than you do in your actions, but you are far from being a daydreamer. You have mastered many skills and always have something new to offer. You probably also have a well-developed psychic talent. Sometimes you take on too much responsibility, and it is not because you have a hard time saying "no," it is because you believe you have to be everywhere for things to work smoothly.

    2 – The High Priestess
    You are a person who is calm and collected, well-balanced, and wise, even in crises. Your intuitive side can be mighty, and you have the ability and a tendency to look at things from different perspectives. You place a lot of value on yourself and realize your worth, and you have a knack for attracting unexpected events and things. You are far more knowledgeable than many people around you initially realize because you tend to be casual or superficial. However, you can become both dominant and overambitious when you want to control situations and your environment. Beauty, balance, and presentation are essential to you and play a big part in your life.

    3 - The Empress
    You are a warm, generous, caring, and nurturing person with great stamina who likes to take care of people, animals, nature, and everything that grows, and you respect order and tidiness. You find it easy to see the big picture, and are you able to create a balance of things. You do not just weigh the pros and cons of different situations; instead, you take both sides into account and make the best out of the entirety of it all. You are not afraid of taking on too many burdens. You expect to be burdened, but you seem to thrive on it. You find it easy to push new projects that are already underway to come to fruition and give dividends to everyone involved.

    4 – The Emperor
    You are a person who walks your path. You are methodical and organized; you like to plan, build, and complete what started. You are confident in yourself, and you are a kind and trusted friend who respects other people's choices and is happy to help when people ask for them. Sometimes you can perhaps be a little bit too kind and trusting. You are hardworking and willing to do extra work (even things you will not be paid for) and happily work more than 40 hours a week. You find it easy to see the big picture, and since you often know what's best, you may want to control other people, but you do it without being condescending or bossy.

  • 5 – The Pope
    You are a person of great depth, many thoughts, and great intent. You find it easy to study and learn new things, often "odd" or deep subjects such as Latin or some other ancient or almost forgotten field of knowledge that you feel compelled to rejuvenate and bring back to the world. Your patience and perseverance know no bounds. You are calm and dispassionate. Other people like to listen intently and at length to what you have to say. You are good at explaining things so that everyone can understand, even when it has to do with unusual topics. You are a wonderful friend who will listen and be there for people through thick and thin. You find it easy to share and become involved in things, but sometimes you try to help when, in reality, you should leave things alone and not get involved.

    6 – The Lovers
    You are a person who wants comfort, security, and harmony in everything that you do. You are addicted to love and being loved by everyone around you. You can depend on your home, which is your refuge in life, but sometimes you push it too far.  You endure solid passions and profound emotional dilemmas. You attract both positive and negative emotions to you and can find it challenging to set boundaries. You are warm, loving, caring, protective, and kind. Sometimes you even believe that you must love everyone in the world regardless of how they behave towards you.

    7 – The Chariot
    You are a person who is faced with constant change. You always seem to have something new going on or a continuance of what you are already doing. You never seem to be able to do the same thing for very long, and whatever it is you do, it is "full speed ahead!" You are incredibly independent and strong-willed, and you always stand by your opinions even when they differ from everyone else's. You like adventure and enjoy traveling worldwide, not just for fun but for work and culture. Gathering knowledge is essential to you, and you collect it in any way possible to gain access to every scrap that you can. You have a strong sense of character and individuality and can be pretty stubborn. Deep down, you always have control of your life.

    8 - Strength
    You are a person with high self-confidence, courage, and potential. You exude an authority that makes people look up to you, and there is not much that can stop you once you get things started, but you are not so stubborn that you continue with pointless endeavors; instead, you finish them in the best possible way and move on to a new project. You are gentle but firm, cheerful and friendly, and have a great sense of responsibility. You find it easy to take care of others and to make everything work. Your heart is extensive, and you always stand by what you say.

    9 – The Hermit
    You are a person of great patience and inner tranquility who appreciates peace and little moments to yourself. You are a quick learner and find it easy to remember things. You often like to read and write, and you want to analyze the value of the written word, and you are always looking for something new or something more profound than what already is. Perhaps a little more than most people, you like to find out how things work.

    10 – The Wheel of Fortune
    You are a person who sees the big picture and can gauge everything correctly. You are intellectually wide awake. You consider everything connected, and you treat other people the same way you expect them to treat you. You rarely listen to gossip and instead want to see for yourself what things are about. You are a dependable friend, maybe a little bit too serious at times, but you are good at getting things done before deadlines, and you make sure that everything runs smoothly.

    11 - Justice
    You are a person who takes things seriously. People look up to you, and you command their respect and esteem. You expect everything to be in order, and once something has been decided, that is it. You are friendly and outgoing. You always know how to express yourself to get the most from a situation, not necessarily for yourself, but for those who need it the most. Justice, fairness, and honesty are important to you. You make sure that everyone's needs are met, but at the same time, you remain at a distance so that you do not get taken advantage of.

    12 – The Hanged Man
    You are a person with a big heart who often takes on a bit too much. You always want to be as kind to everyone as possible, and you find it hard to say no. You believe that everything succeeds or fails with you and that you have to sort everything out to gain peace, and you often do it with remarkable panache. You deal with things thoroughly and leave nothing to chance. You are stubborn and will not budge an inch until you've had it your way.

    13 - Death
    You are a person that things always happen around. You want everything to be in its place, but you have difficulty knowing where to place yourself. You find it easy to clean up other people's messes and want things to be better and better every time. You are steadfast and resolute, a person who can be counted on in a storm, and if lightning should strike, then you would be the first to start building something new from the ashes. You are constantly seeking new challenges; it is often about things that are either about to begin or are nearing their final stages.

  • 14 – Temperance
    You are a person who is well-balanced and harmonious. It takes a lot for you to lose your patience. You have an even temper, no tantrums, or extreme crazy bouts of joy. You seem to always be in control of any situation that you find yourself in. You're a very decent and proper person, perhaps a bit too serious sometimes. Still, all in all, you are a friendly and caring person that people would care to associate with because you are calm and considerate even in stressful situations and regardless of where you are.

    15 – The Devil
    You are a person who thinks about what impression you make on others. You are always careful with your looks, your appearance, and your home environment. You tend to your family and your home; only the best is good enough. You are often a career person and tend to attract attention. You are easy to work for as long as you are in control. You are entertaining in your circle of friends, and your sense of humor is a great asset to you. You mean well even when you sometimes express criticism ironically.

    16 - The Tower
    You are a person who does not waste resources. When something is not panning out the way you want it to, you end it and move on to something better. You make sure that things change and develop even in the broader sense. You are good at seeing where the errors lie and where improvements are best needed. You are usually very friendly and outgoing, talking loudly and happily, but you become introspective. At times, your worst behavior is temper tantrums, but you feel cornered and are stuck in a situation that you do not know how to solve.

    17 - The Star
    You are a person who is very outgoing and who treats life a bit like a game rather than taking it entirely seriously. There is not all that much that you take seriously, not even you. You are easy-going and hang out with many people, and you think most of them are so amazing. You like to travel and meet and talk to new people. Exploring new fields of interest appeals to you, and the other the topic, the more fun you seem to have. You're a bit of a daydreamer and like to fantasize, but dreams can be challenging to fulfill.

    18 - The Moon
    You are a person with many powerful feelings. You care about your friends, and you appreciate people. You take most things sincerely. Sometimes you may be a bit naive, but that doesn't bother you because you are happy the way you are. Sometimes, your friends have some hard work with you when you want emotions to be vented and sorted out, and it is new emotions every day. You are intuitive and always know who will call and who will need a shoulder to lean on in advance. You sense when people feel unwell or need help. You are incredibly generous with your time, and you are a blessing as a friend.

    19 – The Sun
    You are a carefree type of person who says things like - "Don't worry. Things will always work out for the best." You are chatty, easy-going, and always at the center of attention. Some people regard you as superficial, and unfortunately, sometimes you are. You take life so casually and somehow always manage to wake up with a smile even if you have only had an hour of sleep. You are adventurous and usually the first in line to try anything new. Everything has to be explored, tested, and developed. You can't stop yourself.

    20 – Judgement
    You are a person who is sure of yourself; reliable, unwavering, and sensible. You like to control whatever you are involved in and let others be responsible for their own thing. You see people for what they are; separate individuals. You always have time for people, and you are often better at listening than at talking. You can be highly curious and study long and hard, and it covers a wide range of topics. You also like to share your knowledge with others. You tend to stand up for and protect weaker individuals, the "underdogs."

    21 - The World
    You are a person who is caring and outgoing. You care a lot about your life and the lives of others. You understand that everything is connected, so you always see that the balance is maintained and there are no significant disruptions. You can be very aware of both intrinsic and superficial values. Everything must play a role in the more excellent concept for you to be satisfied. You do not judge the people around you for what they do; instead, you comfort them with words that act as soothing agents on wounds which they are often not even aware that they have.